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Some instances of unintentional despair or even death of anyone, to use the official term, are unavoidable—wrong place, wrong time—but most aren’t. Staying alive requires being prepared: recognizing danger, feeling fear, and reacting. “We interpret external cues through our subconscious fear centers very quickly,” says Harvard University’s David Ropeik, author of How Risky Is It, Really?

How do you prepare yourself and your family for that crisis you see coming to your ways such as fires and hurricanes, or one that may have happened unexpectedly such as a stock market crash or an earthquake?

Prepare Solutions for Emergency Preparedness

Generally, I’m not a paranoid person.

I do not consider myself a “prepping type person” in the sense of what the current definition is.

Not at all.

However due to the uncontrollable way nature can act, and governments can treat us, not to mention our own next door neighbors,  I am sorry to say that emergency preparedness for your peace of mind can be a very valuable consideration.

It is important to be educated and informed in all ways possible to weather whatever the future brings.

Welcome to Prepare Solutions. I am really grateful that you are spending some of your valuable time here.

Prepare Solutions

Please feel free to check out some of the informative and helpful content and resources I have on this prepping topic for your and your families well being and peace of mind.

Here you will find real solutions for prepping an emergency preparedness plan, an emergency preparedness list, emergency preparedness for pets, emergency preparedness requirements, and also, though you might not see it now-emergency preparedness jobs!

We really don’t expect you to go dig a hole in your back yard, furnish and supply it and prepare yourself to live in it.

We would like to show you practical ways to prepare for your self, your family, and home for any impending disaster, be it by mother nature, faulty government policies, or some political crazies looking to make a statement.

A day does not go by when we do not hear of some calamity affecting someone or someplace.

Read the news and you find out about hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other acts of natural disasters affecting someplace.

Prepping yourself for such events can make your life more secure.

There is a lot of concern about government blunders, how they deal with the economy or other governments. How a bad decision or a combination of several bad decisions can lead to a major catastrophic event. Prepping yourself for such events can make you and your family more secure.

This is a common sense site for people not ready to “go off the deep end” with this stuff.


Go about your life.

Stay informed.

Just get yourself prepared for anything life and nature might throw at you.

Let me attempt to show you the way to prepping for your self and your loved ones!

Let us start right here:

Thinking Outside The Box: Learning Some Skills

Any skill your family needs will be needed by others as well. Keep that in mind as you prepare yourself, and you will see opportunities to leverage those skills. It is possible that the crisis may eliminate your current job, and in that case, your skills in other areas may develop into a business that you can use to support your family as society rebuilds itself.

If the skills you are going to use require some sort of special materials or supplies, then it would be good to put in a stock of supplies as well. You can’t put in a whole auto parts store in your garage, but you can put in a stock of the most common items you’ll need.

Immediately after the crisis hits, supply chains may be cut. That stockpile will give you something to start working with while you are waiting for the supply lines to be reformed. That will provide you with the opportunity of putting your skills to work immediately, rather than having to wait until materials are available.

Prepping Survival Skills

If you are preparing for a disaster, then you are clearly going to learn many of the skills that will be necessary for such a time. You will want to know a wide range of such skills, such as starting a fire, which your neighbors won’t. Those skills will be valuable to them, as well as to you.

Water Purification. Most people don’t have the first idea of how to purify water, other than to boil it. You could easily make a trade with a neighbor: They haul water for both families, and you purify it.

First-Aid and Minor Medical. Medical services are often overrun during a crisis. Being able to clean and bandage a wound, splint a fracture and treat minor sickness might even save a life. You must be careful in this case of not putting yourself in a situation where you could be legally liable for causing someone harm or for not being able to save their life.

Home Repair. Many types of disasters cause damage to people’s homes. The ability to perform even rudimentary temporary repairs could help keep them in their home when others don’t have a roof over their heads.

Mechanics. Vehicles break down at the most inopportune times. Fewer and fewer people really understand how to repair their own vehicles anymore depending upon mechanics to do it for them. This provides you with a great opportunity if you have the tools and knowledge.

Small Engine Repair. Small engines are just different enough from car engines that most mechanics don’t know how to repair them. During a crisis situation, more people are likely to be using them for generators and other equipment. This opens up the opportunity to be able to repair their non-working engines for them.

Gardening. If you are planning on growing a survival garden to help feed your family, you can be sure that your neighbors will have the same need.

Get them started with vegetable seeds, and trade your expertise for their assistance.

Animal Husbandry. Just like gardening, your ability to raise chickens or goats can be something you can use to help your neighbors.

Home Defense. Every neighborhood will need to organize in order to defend themselves from attack. If you are the expert in your neighborhood, you could take command, developing a plan and getting everyone on board for helping each other defend your neighborhood from any attackers.

Get a Free Survival Kit!
Get a Free Survival Kit!

Your education on how to prepare yourself for future calamities could be the difference between life and death or at the very least a more comfortable situation for you and your family. Why would you not want this information?