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John E has been an internet marketer for several years now and enjoys researching, writing, and showing off with several websites from gardening, health, and prepping. He has an education in internet marketing, horticulture, and general contracting. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with all those who are willing to visit his sites.

Food Safety Storage After A Disaster0

Food Safety Storage After A Disaster

Crisis Food Storage Preparation Tips You have been preparing with disaster food supplies and Food Safety Storage for some time now. Do you have to wonder what will happen when you’re surviving on your food stockpiles while others are going hungry? So how do you and your family eat while others are in the need […]

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How To Prepare For A Flood And Their Reasons0

How To Prepare For A Flood And Their Reasons

Understanding Flood Preparation And Their Reasons I came across a news article about the urgent evacuation of over 10,000 people from communities below two failing dams in central Michigan. Flooding seems to be in the news a lot these days and the question of How To Prepare For A Flood entered my mind. Here are […]

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Car Mileage Thoughts For Emergency Preparedness0

Car Mileage Thoughts For Emergency Preparedness

Car Mileage Needs For The Prepared Before, after, or during a crippling crisis that deprives you of the energy needed to run your vehicle, do not be short-sighted of the importance of Car Mileage thinking beforehand. How valuable would that energy be after the gas stations are shut down due to lack of electricity or […]

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Should I Buy A Gun For Protection0

Should I Buy A Gun For Protection

Should You Own A Gun For Survival Take a global pandemic that empties wallets and supermarkets, add a disturbing killing by the police, and your part of an angry and scared population that you feel may threaten you and your family. Now you are asking: Should I Buy A Gun for my protection and possibly […]

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Survival Jobs To Pay Bills After Covid-190

Survival Jobs To Pay Bills After Covid-19

Survival Jobs After The Pandemic After the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries were hit hard. This is a very difficult economic period. The company closed. People are fired. Prices and retirement plans go up and down like crazy roller coasters. Surviving unemployment has become an unfortunate lifestyle for many people. So you’re thinking what are the […]

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What Is Homesteading In Modern Times0

What Is Homesteading In Modern Times

Homesteading For Beginners A crisis brought on by Mother Nature such as hurricanes, fires, and floods, add a pandemic crisis from who knows where, and so on. You may just want to getaway. And you are asking: What Is Homesteading and will it help? Homesteading is a way to simplify your life. You will learn […]

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Self Defense Without A Gun For The Rest Of Us0

Self Defense Without A Gun For The Rest Of Us

There are many among us who refuse to own and or carry guns. So in the event of a risky situation, is there a method of obtaining Self Defense Without A Gun? It’s important to choose and learn a defensive option without firearms that will make you feel comfortable. For those willing to educate themselves, […]

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Long Term Food Storage Done Easy And Right0

Long Term Food Storage Done Easy And Right

Long Term Storage Of Food Living in a hurricane-prone area I have seen the situation before, empty supermarket shelves. During the corona pandemic, everyone in the world experienced the same thing. And everyone is now asking can Long Term Food Storage can help in a crisis situation? Planning long term food storage is not difficult. […]

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Coronavirus And Hurricane Prepping Tips0

Coronavirus And Hurricane Prepping Tips

Dealing With Coronavirus And Hurricane Threats I have been reading the news lately about the hurricane predictions and started thinking about the Coronavirus and hurricane situations. How do we handle that? With Coronavirus and hurricane situations, how are you going to handle both and protect yourself, family, and home?  This needs to be considered now […]

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Survival Tactics Knowledge And Tips0

Survival Tactics Knowledge And Tips

Survival Tactics To Know For Survival While reading the news today I was getting concerned about all the things going on that might require some unique survival solutions. What are some Survival Tactics that we need to overcome some of these disasters? Natural disasters may strike anytime unexpectedly. However, some can be detected before striking. […]

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