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A Grow Food Not Lawns Mentality0

A Grow Food Not Lawns Mentality

How To Grow Food Not Lawns When I was recently thinking of expanding my survival garden, I wondered how much lawn do I really need? Would it be a better place to Grow Food? So by eliminating some lawn, would I have a better place to grow food? There are so many benefits to growing […]

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Is A Food Shortage Coming Due To Panic?0

Is A Food Shortage Coming Due To Panic?

A Possible Food Shortage And No Toilet Paper! So I was walking through Walmart the other day and I noticed the toilet paper aisles were empty and the aisles containing canned foods were looking thinned out. I began to wonder are we were headed to a food shortage situation? Along with paper products, can this […]

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What Food Crisis Issues To Be Concerned About0

What Food Crisis Issues To Be Concerned About

A Threatened Food Crisis Cause And Effect I was reading some news the other day about the claim of some scientists that there is a food shortage on the way. I began to question: Is there a food crisis we should all be concerned about? Are my concerns relevant, is there a food crisis on […]

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Making Homemade Survival Food (MRE)0

Making Homemade Survival Food (MRE)

Homemade Meals Ready To Eat Buying freeze-dried or vacuum-packed prepared food from one of the big box stores or online could be very costly, especially for a family. I was wondering could making homemade survival food would be a better option? So is making your own homemade survival food the way to go? It turns […]

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How Do I Raise Chickens In My Backyard1

How Do I Raise Chickens In My Backyard

Hows And Whys Of Raising Chickens Do you want to know how I raise chickens in my backyard? First, you need to get a very easy education on how to build a coop and how and where to buy some chickens. Then you need to spend the time planning an area for them and then […]

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Grow Your Own Food For Self Sufficiency 0

Grow Your Own Food For Self Sufficiency 

How To Grow Your Own Food If you are serious about being prepared for an emergency that might hinder your need for feeding yourself and your family, would you consider asking about how to grow your own food? So how can you grow your own food, even if you do not have a ‘green thumb’? […]

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How To Overcome Food Shortage0

How To Overcome Food Shortage

What Happens When There Is No Food To Be Had? Food Shortage: a state or situation in which something needed cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts. A breakdown in the food supply, Loss of crops due to weather or changing of suppliers. Famine, extreme scarcity of food. An economic shortage, demand for a product or service exceeds its supply in […]

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How To Cook Food Without Electricity0

How To Cook Food Without Electricity

How Do You Cook Food Without Electricity? It never seems to fail that right after some natural or man-made disaster, the power goes down and you are left ‘off the grid’. So how do you cook food without electricity? In this post, we are going to reveal nine ways you may cook the food which is […]

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Food Storage0

Food Storage

 Food Storage in Disasters If you have been checking out this prepping site for any length of time,  you should be getting a very good idea of what it means to prep. In this post, we are going to go over some harsh realities of Food Storage for when the “time” comes.  Get ready! You […]

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