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Unarmed Defense When You Need It Most0

Unarmed Defense When You Need It Most

Unarmed Defense During Disaster Situations There’s a crisis approaching and people are starting to panic and they want your stuff. How are you going to handle an unarmed defense to protect yourself, family, and your stuff? How do you face an unarmed defense? The first choice when you see a fight coming should always be […]

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Human Stampede Causes And Survival0

Human Stampede Causes And Survival

A human stampede is uncontrolled concerted running as an act of mass impulse among herd animals or a crowd of people in which the group collectively begins running, often in an attempt to escape a perceived threat. Wikipedia What would you do if you found yourself caught up in a ‘human stampede’? How do you […]

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Is Mob Mentality Real In A Crisis Situation0

Is Mob Mentality Real In A Crisis Situation

The Mob Mentality In A Crisis Situation Natural disasters often bring out the best of people all across the world. When fires struck  California and hurricanes in Florida, people all across the nation dug into their pockets to lend support to the relief effort. When disaster strikes you and your family, who are you going […]

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Self Defense Prepping For All Confrontations0

Self Defense Prepping For All Confrontations

Prepping For Self Defense I was always concerned about how I would handle a defense situation when and if it ever presented itself to me and my family. So how and why does one consider this self-defense prepping quest? It comes in handy in the event of an accident, fire or confrontation by someone. Especially […]

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Stockpiling Weapons For Survival Prepping0

Stockpiling Weapons For Survival Prepping

Stockpiling Weapons: The Achilles Heel of Newbie Preppers I personally know several ‘die-hard’ preppers. Sacks of rice in the pantry, a loaded assault rifle on the dining room table, drawers full of ammo. They feel they are ready for anything. Do they need all that firepower or are they making a grave mistake? So do […]

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7 Tips For Firearms Training For Survival0

7 Tips For Firearms Training For Survival

Do You Need Firearms Training For Survival? It’s the wild, wild, west out there.  And at times it is scary. And we are not (as of this writing) in any kind of national calamity. So I find my self asking if it is time for us to prepare ourselves with a firearm or two. And […]

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Weapons For Home Defense 7 Non-Lethal Considerations0

Weapons For Home Defense 7 Non-Lethal Considerations

Unusual Weapons for Home Defense I am not a gun owner. So I sometimes wonder what other kinds of Weapons For Home Defense are available to me? So what are the other kinds of weapons for home defense? You will be surprised at the relatively easy ways you can defend yourself with ordinary, easy to […]

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