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Stockpiling Weapons For Survival Prepping0

Stockpiling Weapons: The Achilles Heel of Newbie Preppers I personally know several ‘die-hard’ preppers. Sacks of rice in the pantry, a loaded assault rifle on the dining room table, drawers full of ammo. They feel they are ready for anything. Do they need all that firepower or are they making a grave mistake? So do […]

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7 Tips For Firearms Training For Survival0

Do You Need Firearms Training For Survival? It,s the wild, wild, west out there.  And at times it is scary. And we are not (as of this writing) in any kind of national calamity. So I find my self asking if it is time for us to prepare ourselves with a firearm or two. And […]

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7 Non-Lethal Weapons For Home Defense0

Unusual Weapons for Home Defense There are a lot more people in this country who have absolutely no intention of buying, much less owning a gun. However, I know that they do understand that a situation may arise that puts them in a situation that might require a weapon. So what are some weapons for […]

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