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Bartering Skills And Supplies For Survival0

Bartering Skills And Supplies For Survival

Life Skills And Supplies For Bartering You got yourself ready for a potential disaster and then it happens. Regardless of what kind of disaster, hurricane, flood, fire, or some kind of economic collapse, all that prepping may not be enough for a prolonged tragedy. Or you might have forgotten something to put in that prep […]

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9 Tips For A Survival Supplies List0

9 Tips For A Survival Supplies List

Strategies For Your Survival Supplies List When I went online to get some recommendations on what to get in the way of survival supplies, I was overwhelmed with lists that looked liked entire inventories of a sporting goods store. So, of course, I asked the question of ‘what do I really need to get my family […]

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Reasons For A Family Survival Plan0

Reasons For A Family Survival Plan

Can Your Family Survive An Unplanned Crisis? When I look at all the news available to me nowadays, I can not get over all the calamities that we are all facing such as natural disasters, mass shootings, economic turmoil. I then start to get concerned about the well being of myself and family and ask […]

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How To Heat Your Home Without Power0

How To Heat Your Home Without Power

How Do You Heat Your Home Without Power? As I am writing this, the midwest of the United States is going through one of the coldest winters in weather recorded history. People are dying. So while hearing and reading about the cold and power failures that will sometime come with them, I ask myself the […]

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How To Communicate Without Power0

How To Communicate Without Power

How Do You Communicate Without Power? It was not too long ago that a major hurricane (she was called Wilma) passed through my area and devastated not only the power grid but also the cell phone services. I had no way to get in touch with family and friends. My wife and I were isolated. […]

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How To Purify Water0

How To Purify Water

How Do You Purify Water? Among all the necessities for survival, food and efforts to purify drinking water is one of the most critical. You can only survive about three days without water, less if you are trying to survive in a hot climate. That makes water a very high priority. So how do you purify […]

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A Water Crisis May Disrupt Your Personal Hygiene0

A Water Crisis May Disrupt Your Personal Hygiene

How Do You Maintain Hygiene During A Water Crisis? A prolonged power outage can cause a water crisis by inhibiting the means necessary to pump water out of the ground. Your need for clean water is an understatement! So how do you maintain your personal hygiene? You do so by proper planning, and some common […]

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Woodworking Help and Tips0

Woodworking Help and Tips

Woodworking Help And Tips   Can Woodworking Skills Help You in a Crisis? How are you at handling a hammer? Or a carving knife? Can you do either? You never know what you might end up needing in a crisis, and the more self-reliant you are, the better. Not to mention that more experience leads to […]

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Start A Fire In Wet Weather0

Start A Fire In Wet Weather

    How to Start a Fire in Wet Weather Getting Started Fire is a critical part of survival. Being able to start a fire in wet weather, even in the worst of conditions, is an emerging skill which was all but lost for many years. In modern civilization, the need to start a fire […]

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