Survival After A Disaster I You Did Not Prepare0

Survival After A Disaster I You Did Not Prepare

Find Us On:   It’s After A Disaster And You Did Nothing To Prepare After all you have been reading and hearing about all those people and communities agonizing about their predicaments after a disaster, why have you not prepared yourself and what do you do now when it is too late? So how may you prepare? […]

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What Zombie Apocalypse Are You Thinking Of?0

What Zombie Apocalypse Are You Thinking Of?

Find Us On:   Thinking About A Zombie Apocalypse For The Rest Of Us When I do research on emergency preparedness I am quite amazed by all the references to the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ in forums and other survival-themed websites. Are they serious? Do you happen to be one of the millions of people around the world who […]

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Alternate Energy0

Alternate Energy

Find Us On:   Alternative Energy…An Introduction In this post, we will introduce you to Alternate Energy Solutions, for your prepping consideration. When you and everyone else has fallen off the grid, you will be a happy camper that you found this Prepare Site and you have a solution for Alternate Energy! The production of much-needed energy […]

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Keeping Cool In Hot Weather For Your Health And Survival0

Keeping Cool In Hot Weather For Your Health And Survival

Find Us On:   The Importance Of Keeping Cool For Your Survival While watching the Weather Channel this morning it was reported that 180 million people were subject to a heat index of over 100 degrees and it made myself question: Just how serious is that? So how serious? Well, an average of over 650 people died […]

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Is Mob Mentality Real In A Crisis Situation0

Is Mob Mentality Real In A Crisis Situation

Find Us On:   The Mob Mentality In A Crisis Situation Natural disasters often bring out the best of people all across the world. When fires struck inCalifornia and hurricanes in Florida, people all across the nation dug into their pockets to lend support to the relief effort. When disaster strikes you and your family, who are […]

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Off Grid Living For Beginners And Survivors0

Off Grid Living For Beginners And Survivors

Find Us On:   What Does Off-Grid Living Mean? There may come a time either by necessity or design that you may want to or have to face the reality of off-grid living.  And what exactly is off-grid living? It can mean several things to different people but it refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without […]

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Self Defense Prepping For All Confrontations0

Self Defense Prepping For All Confrontations

Find Us On:   Prepping For Self Defense I was always concerned about how I would handle a defense situation when and if it ever presented itself to me and my family. So how and why does one consider this self-defense prepping quest? It comes in handy in the event of an accident, fire or confrontation by […]

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Is Prepping A Good Idea For Us?0

Is Prepping A Good Idea For Us?

Find Us On:   Look at all the natural disasters that have happened in this country over the years and all the people that have been displaced and you should be asking the question: Is prepping a good idea for us? I try to research all the worst-case scenarios and disaster preparedness actions for keeping my family […]

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Emergency Power For When The Grid Goes Down0

Emergency Power For When The Grid Goes Down

Find Us On:   Renewable Emergency Power Solutions What will be your emergency power solution when there are no fossil fuels available for you to generate that all-important electricity? Fortunately for us, there are several ways to ‘power up’ without the use of those taken for granted energy supplies such as gas stations and power companies. Emergency […]

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Survival Mindset Solutions To Consider0

Survival Mindset Solutions To Consider

Find Us On:   The Mental And Physical Aspects Of The Survival Mindset When it comes to surviving at what may be a life and death situation, what kind of survival mindset will you need to process to come out of it on a positive note? I have found that to get through any crisis situation, you […]

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