Bartering Skills And Supplies For Survival0

Bartering Skills And Supplies For Survival

Find Us On:   Life Skills And Supplies For Bartering You got yourself ready for a potential disaster and then it happens. Regardless of what kind of disaster, hurricane, flood, fire, or some kind of economic collapse, all that prepping may not be enough for a prolonged tragedy. Or you might have forgotten something to put in […]

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Pet Prepping Survival Consideration And Ideas0

Pet Prepping Survival Consideration And Ideas

Find Us On:   The Preparation For Your Pets For Natural Disasters What will you or I do with our pets when a natural disaster is about to happen? Is survival prepping with your pets on your what to do list? Many people do not consider the fate of pets when faced with a natural disaster. There […]

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Survival Supplies And Gear List0

Survival Supplies And Gear List

Find Us On:   Get Your Survival Supplies And Gear Now Is it too soon to stock up on what you will need for an impending disaster? What are you waiting for? I have seen it happen all too often in my part of the world and others. The long lines of people waiting to obtain basic […]

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Grow Your Own Food For Self Sufficiency 0

Grow Your Own Food For Self Sufficiency 

Find Us On:   How To Grow Your Own Food If you are serious about being prepared for any emergency that will hinder your need for feeding yourself and your family, you should be thinking about how to grow your own food to give you some peace of mind in that very important area of your life: […]

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How To Overcome Food Shortage0

How To Overcome Food Shortage

Find Us On:   What Happens When There Is No Food To Be Had? Food Shortage: a state or situation in which something needed cannot be obtained in sufficient amounts. A breakdown in the food supply, Loss of crops due to weather or changing of suppliers. Famine, extreme scarcity of food. An economic shortage, demand for a product or service exceeds its […]

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Stockpiling Weapons For Survival Prepping0

Stockpiling Weapons For Survival Prepping

Find Us On:   Stockpiling Weapons: The Achilles Heel of Newbie Preppers I personally know several ‘die-hard’ preppers. Sacks of rice in the pantry, a loaded assault rifle on the dining room table, drawers full of ammo. They feel they are ready for anything. Do they need all that firepower or are they making a grave mistake? […]

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9 Tips For A Survival Supplies List0

9 Tips For A Survival Supplies List

Find Us On:   Strategies For Your Survival Supplies List When I went online to get some recommendations on what to get in the way of survival supplies, I was overwhelmed with lists that looked liked entire inventories of a sporting goods store. So, of course, I asked the question of ‘what do I really need to get […]

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Reasons For A Family Survival Plan0

Reasons For A Family Survival Plan

Find Us On:   Can Your Family Survive An Unplanned Crisis? When I look at all the news available to me nowadays, I can not get over all the calamities that we are all facing such as natural disasters, mass shootings, economic turmoil. I then start to get concerned about the well being of myself and family […]

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7 Tips For Firearms Training For Survival0

7 Tips For Firearms Training For Survival

Find Us On:   Do You Need Firearms Training For Survival? It,s the wild, wild, west out there.  And at times it is scary. And we are not (as of this writing) in any kind of national calamity. So I find my self asking if it is time for us to prepare ourselves with a firearm or […]

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How To Heat Your Home Without Power0

How To Heat Your Home Without Power

Find Us On:   How Do You Heat Your Home Without Power? As I am writing this, the midwest of the United States is going through one of the coldest winters in weather recorded history. People are dying. So while hearing and reading about the cold and power failures that will sometime come with them, I ask […]

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