Jump Start A Car0

Jump Starting A Car………..

It always happens unexpectedly………….you go to start your car and…….nothing!!!!

Your stuck! You have to go to work, or pick up the kids, or you just want to go home. There is very few stressful moments that compare to the dead battery situation.

Here is a great product from those at Survival Frog:

Go here now to see the tiny device capable of jumping an 8,000 lb. truck!
Imagine this for a second.
You’ve just returned to your car after camping in the middle of nowhere. You’re exhausted and it’s starting to get dark.
The nearest road is a good five miles away.
You go to start your car to leave and… nothing. Just the awful click of a dead battery.

You Need A Jump Start!

Bad news?
Not if you’ve got the Pocket Jumper Emergency Jump Starter and Power Bank.
This tiny hand-held device packs enough juice to jumpstart any 12-volt powered car, truck, or RV 20 times. It’ll also charge most USB powered devices with ease.
Take a look at a few of the Pocket Jumper’s unique features:
Super lightweight – Only weighs 8 measly ounces.
Uses super short jumper cables – Say goodbye to long, bulky cables forever.
Dependable – Stays charged for 6 months so you can set it and forget it.
And much more!
The Pocket Jumper works great for emergencies in the great outdoors, or just around town. Never be left stranded with a dead car or phone battery again.
To learn more about the Pocket Jumper and to see how it works Go Here.
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This deal won’t last long though so you’ll want to get it before prices go up. Get yours today!
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~ The Survival Frog Team
P.S. Here’s that link again to our deal on the Pocket Jumper 

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