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A basic car emergency kit is essential for everyone, even those who do not believe in the paranoid mindset of preppers. We talked about a bug out bag for those larger home emergencies when you have to get out in a hurry, here we will talk about building a simple DIY car emergency kit. Do not let that thought stay in the closet. Your in your car almost every day. Things happen. The auto club might be hours away. You got to move on. Now.

You should have the basic emergency staples and maybe plus some.

Lets call it a get home bag. A get home car emergency kit should always be with you while you are in your car. It will not take up much room in the trunk and you will be happy when it’s there and you need it.

A more involved bag will help keep you somewhat comfortable if you must wait for help and you do not want to leave your vehicle. Or if the weather is requiring you to stay put in the protection of your car. Sometimes in an extended period of time.

If it’s hot, your going to need water, if it’s cold you are going to need heat. If your traveling with children you will need more to keep them comfortable and your sanity in check.

So if you want some more peace of mind be sure your car emergency kit will have at least a gallon of water, a blanket or two, maybe some candles for heat and something to burn them in.

At the very least, set up the emergency kit in your car as shown in the video below. Some simple tools, oil, jumper cables or some other device to jump a dead battery, engine coolant, flares and emergency triangles so other drivers may see you.

Peace of mind. That’s what we are selling here.

Basic Car Emergency DIY Kit:


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